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November 2008

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fae ttc dream

I was some sort of fae, trying to get pregnant. It was for my species, I was the most motherly type. My species was dying out/being taken over. There was the tech option of an injection (vaginal), but I wasn't supposed to let anyone see me use it. Where I was, mostly, was crowded, so I went to one of the Old places. A pool, with faerie fountains. Somehow plans got messed up, and I remember being led back by a strange man - skinny with shoulder length flyaway hair - to the pool, where the original fountain was dry. I remember feeling like I failed, and I remember one of the fountains was dry, which ticked me off, so I levitated slightly above the pool (my feet were still in it) and used my power to bring water back to that fountain. I could see the fae spirits - there were three - reappear as the water came back. I had the ability to phase shift and become unnoticeable. A black guy was my last chance in the dream for me to get pregnant, but he let me down, supposedly due to lack of choice or something. I don't think he was human, because between me going to the Old pool once, and going back, I got the impression that a fair amount of time had passed, and we were both still the same - he was gardening a bit behind the pool I think. I remember mentioning something to him about what we could have had, and he was regretful, but still acting like he hadn't had a real choice. It came across to me as slightly weak.

I got a strong sense from my womb, though...a sense of strength...before I woke, so maybe I missed something between what I dreamt and what happened, I made it to pregnant? hmm.

5-5-2007, between 4 and 6pm.