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November 2008

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What I want...

I want...to be snuggled with. It gets really old, only snuggling against someone, who considers it too much of a hassle to lay facing me.

...good communication. I hate always monitoring what I say, in order to avoid my SO overreacting and jumping to conclusions.

...trust. OK, I admit I don't completely trust anyone, but I like...or rather, would like...to be able to trust my SO to respect my privacy, not to read private journal entries without permission.

...to feel attractive. I'm a flirt, I freely admit to it. I like feeling like I'm attractive to people with whom I can't be considered a habit. People I find attractive. In my relationship with my SO I like them to treat me like they want me....not necessarily automatically trying to get me into bed (or wherever, creativity can be fun) all the time, but...little things here and there, at least. I'm not quite comfortable with listing them right now, but...*ss*

...great sex, maybe even occasionally an orgasm I haven't given myself. OK this is not saving the best for last, sex is not the make or break of a relationship...but...ok well I really shouldn't go further into this. It would be extremely mean and personal.

...someone who loves me for ME. I need my SO to understand that just because they don't like something I say, or one of my opinions, I'm not necessarily going to change it for them, if it accurately expresses how I feel. That doesn't mean I don't love them, it just means...I am ME, not them, or anyone under their control. I call things as I see them, and that doesn't always go over well. My nature is also not going to change for anyone else, I'm sorry. I am a healer/protector by nature, and there are going to be some healing methods that may not be ok with my SO. That will not necessarily stop me from using them. Also, I love a lot of people. I am polyamorous. I may not have more than a friends with benefits type relationship with some of the people, or may not want more than that, but...I still love them. If my SO can't handle that, there's a problem. It doesnt' mean I love them less, or want to be with them less, it's just part of who I am. I'm FELINE. >.<

...someone who isn't going to leave me when the going gets a little tough, or threaten to. I'm sorry, if the relationship is worth so little to my SO, they shouldn't have gotten into it with me. This SHOULD be "common sense."