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November 2008

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FyreKat 104: Me as a mum

I believe in doing almost everything important at home. I believe in unassisted pregnancy (taking care of oneself, that is…in an educated fashion), unassisted birth (freedom to birth as I see fit, in whatever position feels right at the time, without anyone telling me when to push or how to breathe or what I can or can’t have…no monitors, no checking…nothing. Just me, and hopefully my bondmate, and maybe any other children I have at the time, depending on them…having the appropriate remedies for hemorrhaging, or any other emergency type thing on hand, and understanding that while a transfer to a hospital may become necessary, it is nowhere near as likely as people think…I have educated and continue to educate myself on the subject), home holistic health care (once again, taking care of myself and my family in an educated fashion, preferably with as little drugs as possible), unschooling (assisting in the education of my children, in their areas of interest…keeping faith in the fact that knowledge in advanced life based subjects requires knowledge in basic ones)…things of that nature. When I get my son back, I have no intentions of enrolling him in school. If possible, I will also avoid enrolling him in daycare. Me being a student does not require me to have him anywhere else other than with me or trusted friends and family. My doctorate, when I get it, will not require any different.

There is a saying … I forget who said it, I’ll find it at some other time…that if one child takes up all your time, 6 cannot take up any more. I want a huge family, I have even been known to tell people I’ll be ready to stop having children when I’m ready to stop making them. *weg* Pregnancy is not an illness, and birth does not have to be painful, or medically involved. My csection was painful, because the drugs did not fully work. My 27 hours of induced labor were not painful, the contractions were merely uncomfortable. Had I been more educated, I would have just stayed home and had a bath or shower. >.< Cesarean sections are surgical extractions, not births. I have a son, who I carried with me for about 9 months, but I did not give birth to him. He was surgically extracted. If I can help it, I will never return to the hospital for birth or any other reason for myself.

*stops ranting for now*


I am happy to support you in this my love, my bondmate.