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November 2008

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FyreKat 102: My hobbies and interests

I almost started writing about my complicated love life, but decided to save that for later. *raspberries* NO NOOKIE FOR YOU! Yet. hehe.

Anyway, I'm saving family and friends for a different post, so that leaves...

Music. While I can play some piano, and I used to be able to play violin...I don't have either one of those here, so that leaves listening to and singing along with it. Depending on my mood/inclination, I like Sarah McLachlan, Inkubus Sukkubus, Mariah Carey, Gaia Consort, Faun, Three Doors Down, Third Eye Blind, Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, Dark Lotus, Hinder, Rihanna...and the list goes on past where I feel like listing. :P I also have been known to use music as a kind of fuel, or "juice" as I call it, for my majick.

Reading. I enjoy witchy and otherkin/shape shifter fiction, particularly romances...though werewolves have become a sensitive subject. Authors in this genre/whatever I like are Yasmine Galenorn, Kim Harrison, Allyson James, and I've recently started reading a book by Rachel Vincent about werecats.

Studying. I want to get my doctorate in natural health, and specialise in pregnancy/birth, so I want to study midwifery, too.

Gaming. I play Dark Throne, World of Warcraft, Everquest, The Sims, and once upon a time I used to play Dark Ages of Camelot. For those not geeky enough to know, those are computer games. Warcrack, Evercrack, and DAoC are Massively Multiplayer Online RPG’s. Eventually I would like to try City of Heroes/Villains. Gamecube I own, but I don’t play very often. I like the X-Men games, and pokemon. PS2 I share with Neil. We have Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, Everquest, and some others. Once upon a time I also used to play Marvel’s tabletop RPG. I miss it.

(to be continued)